5 Pet parenting mistakes I totally regret

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1. Not educating myself on dog body language earlier on in my dogs life. I feel like I have missed so much and have misread so much too, but somehow my dogs have always forgiven me for the mistakes I made. Once I have become more conscious dog parent it all made sense and more importantly I could understand them better!

2. Not taking my dogs to puppy school! The biggest mistake I have ever made, it would of saved me all the worry and stress. Instead I had to work on my dog’s social skills later on in their life. It is never too late though! If you feel like you are stuck definitely look for help you are not alone! You will make your dog a happier dog and you will be less stressed too!

3. Every damn day I wake up I know that my dogs life is super short! That’s why I want to make sure it is memorable! The reason why I have started Travel Dogs Australia is for people to take their dogs places so they don’t miss out on everyday fun!

4. Not educating myself enough on nutrition earlier in the process. One of my dogs has serve food allergies, It would of saved her a lot of pain. Now I feed her only things that agree with her 100%.

5. I didn’t match my dogs personalities before getting my second dog. Noodle is often a little bit too much for Ranger and vice versa Ranger is not enough fun for Noodle. BUT I WOULD NOT CHANGE A THING! I love them to the Moon back!

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