About Us

We believe that as a community we are responsible for all pets. For All Our Pets was formed by Chelsea who after bringing rescue Zeus into her home found how hard it was to find enrichment toys that were good enough for her special boy. Secondly, he couldn't handle the puppy food that was recommended by the vet resulting in constant stomach upsets. Where could she buy high quality items that she could give Zeus without worry? She couldn't and so For All Our Pets was born.

Finding products she wanted was easy but getting them took work. Looking back we took a big bite and we wanted it all.

Learning the importance of enrichment for animals kept as pets, species appropriate food and high quality health care items is a continual evolution for us. We want to be educated pet owners and support other pet owners in their journey on this path.  

Your value is in our values. 

Quality time with our pets 
Mentally and physically healthy pets
Education - spreading the word
Being environmentally sustainable 


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