Pet Rewards

What is the Pet Rewards Program?

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Our Pet Rewards Program is a loyalty program designed so you, our customers can earn rewards for being part of our FAOP Fam Community and on every order you make. 

For All Our Pets Pet Rewards Program Australia Find Out More FAQ

Pet Points Hub

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This is your main area to do everything Pet Points related.

On the bottom right hand corner of our website is the Pet Points Hub Launcher which is a green button with "Earn Pet Points & Save" on it (see image 1).

By clicking on the Pet Points Hub Launcher it will enlarge giving you the options to "Create my store account" or " Log in" (see image 2).

Once you have signed up for an account and have logged in the Pet Points Hub Launcher will open up with your personalised account information. This is where you can:

- Check your Balance
- Earn more Pet Points
- Spend your Pet Points.
- Refer friends

For All Our Pets Pet Rewards Program Australia Find Out More FAQ Pet Points Hub

How can I start earning Pet Points?

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To start earning your Pet Points all you need to do is sign up for an account.

Head to the bottom right of the website and there will be a green button that says "Earn Pet Points & Save". Click this button to maximise the launcher for the Pet Points Hub and you can select "Create my store account" to setup your very own Pet Points account.

This will also be where you visit to keep up to date with your Pet Rewards. All orders you make while in the account will be connected to your Pet Points and will be kept on your account for future references. 

For All Our Pets Pet Rewards Program Australia Find Out More FAQ Start Earning

How can I earn Pet Points?

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Earning Pet Points is simple. The main way to earn Pet Points is just by ordering your pet products as usual. Everything we sell earns you Pet Points from your regular items, favourite toys and that something new you want to try out. Every $1 you spend earns you 1 Pet Point.

Other ways to earn Pet Points.

Sign up account = 200 Pet Point
Follow us on Instagram = 100 Pet Points
Like us on Facebook = 100 Pet Points
Share us on Facebook = 50 Pet Points
Celebrate your birthday = 200 Pet Points
Refer a friend = 500 Pet Points
Review a product = 50 Pet Points *per week

Head to your Pet Points Hub to see your Pet Points Balance, Spend your Pet Points or see which ways you can earn more Pet Points.

For All Our Pets Pet Rewards Program Australia Find Out More FAQ Earning

How do I spend Pet Points?

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To spend your Pet Points you need to log into your account and open the Pet Points Hub (bottom right corner of website). When you have opened the hub it will say "Welcome back" and show you any rewards you have created (discount codes ready for use).

Then your balance will be displayed with buttons to Earn more Pet Points or Spend Pet Points. 

Select Spend Pet Points to create your personalised discount voucher which you can use on your next order to save $$$. Just enter this voucher code into the checkout section for gift cards and discount codes.

To spend your points you can either:
Spend set amounts
$5 off for 500 Pet Points
$10 off for 1000 Pet Points
$25 off for 2500 Pet Points
Redeem any amount $1 off for every 100 Pet Points

*Remember each discount code has only one (1) use so don't share your code. It was made just for you with your earned Pet Points.

For All Our Pets Pet Rewards Program Australia Find Out More FAQ Spending

How do I refer a friend?

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Know a pet lover that isn't in the FAOP Fam loop?

Sharing with Friends has perks! 
Every new friend who purchases using your personalised referral link earns you 500 Pet Points and they get a 10% off coupon. Even better they can start earning their Pet Points right away too. 

To refer a friend head to your Pet Points Hub and scroll down on the front page (of the Hub) until you see REFERRALS. This is where your personalised link is to share with your friends. 

For All Our Pets Pet Rewards Program Australia Find Out More FAQ Refer a Friend

Do Pet Points expire?

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Yes our Pet Points expire but only after 12 months. So you can collect them up then spend them at once or use them as you earn them.

The Uglybox Subscriptions

What comes in each 'The Uglybox'?

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Each 'The Uglybox' contains at least:
2 Treats - One more meaty and the other to chew
2 Toys - These will be a mix of enrichment either as a plush, balls and/ or treat dispensers

What makes these items special?
Treats: All our treats are made in Australia or New Zealand with only the best quality meats. Nothing cheap and nasty!
Toys: Our toys are all high quality and we stand behind them. Some are more durable than others but we choose every item to match the overall style of the boy. Variety allows you to try a whole range of items you may never have realised your dog loves.

What size 'The Uglybox' do I get?

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Not sure what box to go with? We have split them up by size to help you out. This is how we will select appropriate items for each box. Never fear, you can always size up or down if you decide that you need a change. 
-The Uglybox - Tiny Puppers (under 4.5kg) 
- The Uglybox - Small Puppers (4.5kg-10kg)
- The Uglybox - Big Puppers (10kg-20kg)
- The Uglybox - Real Big Puppers (20kg+)

Do I pay shipping on my Uglybox Subscription?

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Forget shipping costs when ordering your Uglybox Subscription. We include this in your package deal so technically shipping is FREE. Plus if you get an Uglybox subscription then all other orders you make come with FREE shipping too. 

If you have subscribed to your Uglybox and are unsure how to redeem your FREE shipping on other orders just let us know so we can set you up!

Do I earn Pet Points on my box?

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You sure do! So make sure you set up your account to start earning. If you have any questions or your account isn't connecting to your 'The Uglybox' email us at shop@forallourpets.com.au

How does this subscription thing work?

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Easy! Every order made will be fulfilled for the following month. Then on the 1st of every month you will be charged again for the next month. 

Sign up on November 25th. Your first payment will come out that day for your first box to be delivered in December. 
On December 1st your next payment will come out for your January box.


When will my 'The Uglybox' Subscription arrive?

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We send your 'The Uglybox' out by the 15th of the month (or closest business day). These can take anywhere from 1-7 business days depending on things like your location, how much your dog hates the postie, etc. It will be sent with tracking so check your emails to see it on route. 

If your 'The Uglybox' hasn't arrived by the 26th of a month or the tracking stopped moving for 5+ days let us know at delivery@forallourpets.com.au

How do I pay?

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We currently only take payment for our 'The Uglybox'-es by credit card. All other payment methods are not compatible with the subscription part of our website. 

What is a 'The Uglybox' subscription?

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'The Uglybox' is our own take on a subscription box. They are delivered monthly filled will all the best goodies for your dog! 

What a horrible name?

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Well we thought naked box would get us the wrong attention. Since launching in 2016 all our boxes at For All Our Pets have been ugly boxes.

We are very proud of this, so when wanting to launch our subscription box we could not think of wasting so many resources on just printing a box that will be forgotten about, at best reused for some menial task and at worst sent straight to landfill. 

So we decided to say 'hell no' to the trendy, colourful and well wasteful boxes and a big 'heck yeah' to our own uglyboxes. They are brown, a little naked and hand stamped when packed. Each one is a little different and just for your dog. 

What if I need to get a different box?

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If you have received your box and think next month you would like to size up (or down) to better suit your pup's needs just let us know and we can make it happen. Email us at shop@forallourpets.com.au
Please give us at least a few days before the 1st of the month to get this ready otherwise you may need to wait until the following month for the change to come into effect. 

When are the cutoff dates?

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To receive next months Uglybox subscription you must order by the last day of the month. Orders made from the 1st of each month will be for the following month. This way from the 1st we start preparing boxes to go out from last months subscribers. Using these cut off dates we can get boxes out on time so subscribers can enjoy them. 

How do I cancel?

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Month to month subscriptions can be cancelled anytime before the next payment comes out on the 1st of the month. Remember to give yourself time to do this before we sent it out. 

Shipping & Deliveries

Do you ship internationally?

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Currently For All Our Pets only ship Australia wide. If you really want something we sell, feel free to email us at shop@forallourpets.com.au and we can see what we can do.

How long will my delivery take?

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Delivery of our orders usually takes anywhere from 1 - 10 business days, depending on your location.

This is after they have left our warehouse. Packaging and handling usually takes 1 - 3 business days depending on the item and our work load. 

Where is my order?

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As soon as you complete your order you will get an email confirming your order. 

Once your package has been shipped you will receive an email from the courier to that email and an email from us confirming shipment. Please use the links provided in the email and the tracking number to track where your order is.

Please contact us at delivery@forallourpets.com.au regarding your order if:

- You have not received an email confirming your order

- You have not received an email with tracking details within 5 days of placing your order

-  Your package has not arrived within 10 days of getting the tracking email

- Your package tracking has not moved in 5 days 

- You have made contact with courier regarding delivery or the shipment and they have not resolved the issue within 2 days

Can I get Free Shipping?

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Orders over $89 are eligible for FREE shipping for most metro areas - excluding bulky items. This will be shown at checkout. 

This is shown at checkout once you enter your address.


An item I want is out of stock, what do I do?

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Feel free to also email us at shop@forallourpets.com.au if you want to make sure you definitely don't miss out next restock.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Afterpay & Zippay

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We offer Afterpay & zipPay payment options to our customer at checkout as another way to pay. 

They both allow you to buy today and pay over time.


Afterpay splits the payment over 4 equal terms made fortnightly.

Afterpay Terms


zipPay allows you to choose how you want to make payments, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

zipPay Terms


My order arrived and something isn't right

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If you have received your order and something is not right or there are items missing please
email sales@forallourpets.com.au within 14 days of receiving your order.

What if an item I ordered is out of stock?

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If you have ordered something but it is out of stock we will contact you by telephone to let you know as soon as it was identified. You can decide if you would like to wait for the item, get a similar replacement item or a refund for the item.

We always follow up our telephone calls with an email outlining the discussion to ensure you are happy with your decision. Then we will action your decision once you email us confirmation of this choice. 

This way we keep you safe and in control of your order, plus we always like adding a personal touch. 

Wait, my parcel arrived and it looks like trash!

That's because it is one of our Ugly Boxes

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It sure did! Our boxes are ugly but the goods are on the inside. At For All Our Pets our focus is on great products and service while helping the environment.

We reuse as many boxes as possible to reduce waste (think of all the energy it takes making new boxes, printing them and transporting them to us). When we do buy boxes we support local business who buy and sell used cartons that would usually go to landfill. Sometimes other businesses print too many boxes, change packaging or throw after one use. These all work great and allow us to do our part. 

Some boxes are even too ugly or damaged for us to use. So consider you box special, because it actually made the cut. 

If we do have to buy fresh new boxes, then we stick to boxes made from recycled cardboard. We only use these for a small amount of orders and our "The Uglybox" subscriptions. 

comPOST packs

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What is up with this satchel? Coming soon

Satchels (white or coloured)

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We are currently cycling out our single use satchels made of LDPE 4 (Low-density polyethylene). While we still use them please be mindful how you dispose of them. Check your local council to see if they can be recycled with your curb side recycling. If so pop in your recycling bin with all your other recyclables. If your council does not accept these in your recycling bin go to http://www.redcycle.net.au/where-to-redcycle/ 



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Our refund policy is governed by Australian Consumer Law to protect both your the consumer and us the seller. Refunds will be made when goods are defective and are deemed not fit for their intended purpose. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase and also proof of defect or issue with the item. Refunds are not given for change of mind, if however For All Our Pets approves a return or refund due to change of mind or customer error, all delivery fees are non-refundable and administration fees may apply. Return shipping costs of non defective items are at buyers expense. 

If an item you purchased is defective or deemed not fit for its intended use, please email sales@forallourpets.com.au within 14 days of receiving the item with as much detail regarding the product and defect. We aim to contact you within 5 business days from receiving your email. If you are entitled to a replacement or refund, we will replace the product or refund the purchase price, using the original method of payment within a reasonable time. All products are to be used under close supervision by an adult. For All Our Pets never recommends leaving an item alone with your pet. Nothing is completely indestructible.

Perfect Fit Harness: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to choose sizes wisely. For All Our Pets can only provide assistance with sizing your dog to the most appropriate harness size but the decision is left to you as the consumer. If you purchase a Perfect Fit harness and one or more parts do not fit your dog, we will happily exchange the part/s for a different size within the range. The unwanted pieces must be returned to For All Our Pets within 10 working days, at the cost of the purchaser. Postage of the replacement parts will be charged to the customer also. 

Please be aware that returns will not be accepted for any items that have been damaged by your pet. All items are to be used under close supervision by an adult. For All Our Pets never recommends leaving an item alone with your pet. Nothing is completely indestructible.

Get Involved!

Facebook Group

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We have our very own Facebook group for customers For All Our Pets - Community  head there now to join in and share the love.

Social Media

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We are on social media 


Instagram & Twitter @forallourpets

Or join our Facebook group for customers For All Our Pets - Community  to share the love.


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Want to get the best updates? Make sure you have signed up to our newsletter so you never miss a beat. 

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Which is best? Reduce, Reuse or Recycle?

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Each is a way to decrease your environmental footprint. 
Everything we do can be better managed but most of the time there will still be waste. What we do with this waste is where we can fight for our planet. 

This is just reducing the amount of waste that you use. It can be as simple as changing from single use coffee cups to your own keep cup that you bring with you and wash. Instead of buying lots of little parcels each week maybe buy it all together once a month. 


This is what we do with our uglyboxes. Instead of getting boxes from our suppliers and recycling those, then buying brand new boxes for orders we just reuse our boxes where possible. We also buy boxes to reuse that would of gone to landfill which means we are paying other companies to reduce their waste too. 

You can reuse our boxes too if you or some friends are moving, maybe to store something in the back shed, use underneath some gift wrapping or let your pet destroy it before recycling. This can be done with most items, containers from food, old clothes, the list goes on. 


When you (and your friends, family or local thrift shop) have no use for an item then it is time to recycle. You can recycle with your local council pickup (check their website for dos and don'ts) then anything they can't take why not check REDcycle and online for collection centers that will take your items. Try recycle as much as possible before throwing something into your general rubbish bin. 

**If you can reuse first and when there is no further use then recycle, you will be reducing the amount of recycling needed which will have a positive impact on the environment. 

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