Our Ugly Boxes


It sure did! That's because it is one of our Ugly Boxes.

Our boxes are ugly but the goods are on the inside. At For All Our Pets our focus is on great products and service while helping the environment.

We reuse as many boxes as possible to reduce waste (think of all the energy it takes making new boxes, printing them and transporting them to us). When we do buy boxes we support local business who buy and sell used cartons that would usually go to landfill. Sometimes other businesses print too many boxes, change packaging or throw after one use. These all work great and allow us to do our part.

Some boxes are even too ugly or damaged for us to use. So consider you box special, because it actually made the cut.

If we do have to buy fresh new boxes, then we stick to boxes made from recycled cardboard. We only use these for a small amount of orders and our "The Uglybox" subscriptions.

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