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40mm Range

40mm Perfect Fit Harness

The Perfect Fit Harness has arrived to For All Our Pets. 

The Perfect Fit harness is the ultimate walking harness

  • Modular design allows and secure and snug fit for almost any size & shape of dog, cat or small animal 
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Adjustable in 5 different places
  • Safe for amputee dogs (Tripawed)
  • Difficult for escapologist dogs to get out of
  • Calming for excitable dogs

How to size your pet to find the right harness: 

Perfect Fit harnesses are available in Tiny, 15mm, 20mm and 40mm widths. Each complete harness is made up of three components: a top, a front and a girth (Tiny harness only comes in two components: a top and a bottom).

  • Measure around your pet’s girth (around the chest just behind the forelegs).
  • Visit ​ to find the breed chart and information on the sizing.
  • For more information and assistance with ordering a Perfect Fit Harness please contact Chelsea at For All Our Pets here or on 0405 996 093
  • For Customers around Perth and surrounding WA areas feel free to contact us to arrange your private fitting to get that Perfect Fit right away.




Current price for 40mm Full Harness $90

A PERFECT FIT HARNESS is constructed from 3 pieces (Top, Front and Girth) which clip together to make a complete harness.

Perfect Fit Harness pieces

We offer the option of buying each piece of the harness separately so that customers can;

  • Change the colour of the Top piece
  • Buy a new piece of the same size if any part of it is damaged or wears out
  • Buy a larger piece if their dog grows

The Top piece has "40 - Perfect Fit" label sewn along the spine

(except High Vis Tops with reflective webbing)

The 40mm Perfect Fit Harness has 40mm clips and webbing and CANNOT be assembled with Tiny, 15mm or 20mm ranges of Perfect Fit pieces.

Select the image below to shop the 40mm range of Tops, Fronts and Girths