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Busy Buddy Rip 'N Tug Ball

Busy Buddy Rip 'N Tug Ball


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The ball is lined with fabric fastener that the dog can rip in two, and doubles as a tug toy. Inside each half is a pouch that can be filled with fido's favorite treats! The Busy Buddy line of toys was developed to give you and your dog toys and treats that provide longer lasting playtime and to help protect items in your home and life. Most Busy Buddy toys are either treat holding or treat dispensing. Treat holding/dispensing toys encourage dogs to interact with the toy longer. This built-in gratification system keeps them actively engaged and offers a better playtime experience. Using toys to feed and entertain your dog is a great way to reduce stress, engage his mind and work off a little energy! The rip n tug Lotus is a stimulating, reward-based toy. Constructed of durable fabric, it utilizes hook and loop fasteners as a closure mechanism. Your dog will keep busy rrrripping it apart to reach the treat prize inside! Treat dispensing tug toy Constructed of durable fabric Held closed by hook and loop fabric fastener Can be refilled again and again Use strong smelling treats. Play Tug of War! It is recommended that this game be played no sooner than stage 3 of the instructions to ensure your pet is comfortable with the toy. Play Fetch! Throw the rip n tug and allow your pet to pick it up and return to you. Cleaning: It is important to clean out any remaining food particles from the inside the toy. The rip n tug can be cleaned in the washing machine, but you may want to wash it separately. Once clean, allow the toy to hang dry completely. If hair or fibers collect in the fabric fastener, use a fine-tooth comb to remove. CAUTION: If washed with other items, the hook fastener may damage clothing.

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