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Donate to WA Pet Project

Donate to WA Pet Project


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Rescues rely on donations to do all the amazing work helping our animals. Donated items are given from the kindness of strangers and sometimes a rescue desperately needs a speciality item. By donating you will be allowing a rescue to buy an item of their choice from For All Our Pets with the money kindly donated by our clients. We keep prices lower than our competitors and hope you can use your savings wisely. 

'Donations allow our carers to focus on what they're there to do, caring. Being able to supply our carers with pet goods takes stress of our wonderful team and of course keeps our pets healthy and adoption ready. They simply mean it's not costing us even more to do what we do. Most carers pay for their own food too, so it's a financial thing too when they already do so much'. Edith, Founder and President of WA Pet Project.

If you would like to make a donation of an amount not stated here please contact us on and we can help you make it happen.

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