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Kong Connects Benderz Teaser Dragonfly

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A fun and challenging way for your cat to spend its time and a great way to encourage movement and play introducing the Kong Connects Benderz Teaser Dragonfly! It resembles a cat dangler toy that twists and turns to offer hours of fun. This toy can be placed anywhere around your home and at various different heights. Delightful dragonflies dance on the end and there are colourful bands that encourage your cat to stretch, jump up high and do anything it takes to poke the toy with its paws and make it spin wildly through the air.

Inside the Kong Connects Benderz Teaser Dragonfly you will find Kongs premium North American catnip, which releases an irresistible aroma for your cat to enjoy and chase after. The bright colours of this fabulous toy also encourage your cat to play for longer and to entertain itself even when you are busy. It also satisfies your cats natural instincts to move, hunt and bite.

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