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The Kong Spin It toy spins, rolls, and flips to engage your dog in all-day fun while releasing your pet’s favourite treats randomly to keep them interested in the toy. With the erratic movements this treat-dispensing dog toy creates, your dog will be chasing and pouncing on the toy to get the treats out, which will help kill boredom and keep your pet’s tail wagging with joy.

The Spin It has treat holes to easily release treats or dry dog food and is easy to open to refill or clean. You can also use this toy to help slow-feed your pet and manage their weight and health.

Grab the Kong Spin It to make treating your pet more fun and rewarding!


  • Treat-dispensing dog toy that spins, rolls, and flips to keep your pet entertained
  • Creates unpredictable movements to keep your dog guessing & awaken their natural instincts to chase and hunt
  • Features treat holes to release treats or dry dog kibble randomly
  • Great to use with dry dog food to slow-feed your pet and manage their weight
  • Fun way to reward your dog with their favourite nibbles
  • Easy to open and refill or clean

Sizes Available:
Small - Dogs under 18kg
Large - Dogs over 16kg

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