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Organic Paws Raw Meat Beef 2.25kg

Organic Paws Raw Meat Beef 2.25kg


Organic Raw Meat Dog & Cat Food Frozen 
Simulating a carnivore’s natural raw meat diet, Organic Paws Recipes are complete and balanced meals suitable for cats and dogs of all ages. Recipes are biologically appropriate, toxin free, complete and balanced meals for your pet, giving them the daily nutrition they need to thrive with good health.
Made with Certified Organic meats, ground bone and organs including green tripe, each Organic Paws recipe is complete to simulate a carnivore’s natural diet. Using “whole” carcasses including all prime cuts ie. porterhouse, sirloin, topside steak and rumps etc. ensures only nutritious quality muscle meat is used with no fatty trim or offcuts. Cod Liver Oil and Kelp are also added to each recipe in balanced quantities, both well known and documented for their overall and powerful health benefits.

Only available as Pick Up or Local Delivery** Not through AusPost

Beef Meat*, Liver*, Kidney*, Heart*, Ground Bone*, Cod Liver Oil and Kelp* 
* Certified Organic

Each 2.25kg box contains 3 x 750gm containers for convenience and ease to portion.

Feeding Guide
Body Weight Feed
1kg-5kg 100gm-200gm
5kg-10kg 200gm-300gm
10kg-20kg 300gm-400gm
20kg-30kg 400gm-500gm
30kg-40kg 500gm-600gm

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