Perfect Fit Harness - 20mm Girth

Product image 1Perfect Fit Harness - 20mm Girth
Product image 2Perfect Fit Harness - 20mm Girth
Product image 3Perfect Fit Harness - 20mm Girth
Product image 4Perfect Fit Harness - 20mm Girth

Regular price $24.50

Individual Pieces - 20mm

20mm Perfect Fit Harness Pieces

A PERFECT FIT HARNESS is constructed from 3 pieces (Top, Front and Girth) which clip together to make a complete harness.

Perfect Fit Harness pieces

We offer the option of buying each piece of the harness separately so that customers can;

  • Change the colour of the Top piece
  • Buy a new piece of the same size if any part of it is damaged or wears out
  • Buy a larger piece if their dog grows

The 20mm Perfect Fit Harness has 20mm clips and webbing and CANNOT be assembled with Tiny, 15mm or 40mm ranges of Perfect Fit pieces.

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