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Perfect Fit Harness - Tiny Range - Expression of Interest

Perfect Fit Harness - Tiny Range - Expression of Interest


Tiny Perfect Fit Harness Pieces Expression of Interest

The Perfect Fit Harness has arrived. As each piece is hand made we are still waiting on the Tiny range to come in stock. If a Tiny harness would be the perfect size please express your interest here. 

Once you have selected your Tiny Perfect Fit Harness colour of choice checkout as usual. This will let us know which style you like, plus all contact and delivery information we need to get in touch. We will contact you after your order to explain the process and the next steps to get your pet their Perfect Fit. 

Current pricing when stocked is:
Tiny & 15mm Full Harness $65
20mm Full Harness $75
40mm Full Harness $90

The Tiny Perfect Fit Harness has 10mm clips and webbing and cannot be assembled with any of the larger ranges of Perfect Fit pieces.




  • Easy to put on & take off by using 3 clips - look for the two "V" shapes (one on the Top and one on the Front) and clip "C" around the neck. Swing the rest of the harness between the dog's legs and clip "A" and "B" into position
  • Adjustable in 5 places - over shoulders, front of chest and around the girth
  • Made from 3 pieces - Top, Front and Girth - which are available in a wide range of sizes to get an exact fit for your dog (or cat, pig, etc). For instance, a Border Collie may have a Perfect Fit Harness made up from a Medium Top, Small Front, and Large Girth - all in the 20mm Range.
  • Pieces can be replaced - as your dog grows - if you want a different coloured top - if a piece becomes damaged or chewed (see Indiviual Pieces section)
  • The front D ring is not designed to be used on its own - a lead must also be attached at the back.
  • Safe for escapologist and front limb amputees- the neck hole can be made smaller than the dog's skull by using a smaller Top Piece and, if needed, also by using a smaller Front Piece. Please contact us for help and advice on sizing for special needs such as"Houdinis" and front leg amputees. 
  • Calming - its snug fit reassures and relaxes many dogs. The wide, soft fleece padding eliminates pressure points, rubbing and friction - allowing dogs to walk calmly & naturally as though walking off lead.
  • It is NOT A CAR HARNESS - it has been designed as a WALKING HARNESS, with the correct centre of gravity for walking on a lead. It should not be used as a car harness as it has not been tested under crash conditions. 
  • Many Vets & Rescue Centres, trainers and behaviourists recommend this harness to their clients - which was designed by Canine Consultant Sally Hopkins
  • TOP PIECES ARE AVAILABLE IN 13 COLOURS - Front and Girth pieces are only available in BLACK. Not all colours will be readily available.
  • Harnesses are machine washable at low temperature - DO NOT TUMBLE DRY

The Tiny Perfect Fit Harness is constructed from 2 pieces rather than the 3 pieces used in the larger sizes - a Top Piece and a Bottom Piece. There are 2 sizes of Top Pieces (labeled with odd numbers) and 3 sizes of Bottom Pieces (labeled with even numbers). These pieces can be clipped together in various combinations to fit different shapes & sizes of tiny dogs.

This harness is far kinder for tiny dogs to wear as it is clipped around the dog's head and rests on its shoulders, rather than trying to pull it over the head. This allows the neck hole to be smaller than the dog's skull, preventing it wriggling out of the harness. Then the bottom piece goes behind the front legs and clips either side of the top piece. There is quite a lot of adjustment in the girth area but nowhere else on the harness. Should the dog out grow the harness, the next size bottom or top piece can be bought and used with other piece.

Suitable for very small adult dogs, such as Chihuahuas, with a girth measurement of between 28 and 34 centimetres (although it can be expanded up to 36 cm if required). There are small pockets of elastic to hide the excess webbing when the girth is set at its smallest setting.

If your dog wears a coat we recommend you also buy a size 6 Bottom Piece to use with this Top Piece, as the neck hole and body area are larger and can fit over the top of a coat.

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