Zippy Burrow - Bubble Babiez Pig Barn

Product image 1Zippy Burrow - Bubble Babiez Pig Barn
Product image 2Zippy Burrow - Bubble Babiez Pig Barn
Product image 3Zippy Burrow - Bubble Babiez Pig Barn
Product image 4Zippy Burrow - Bubble Babiez Pig Barn

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Three little piggies got stuck in a barn, and now your dog needs to rescue them!

Challenge your pet to a fun puzzle game with the Burrow and Bubble Babiez toy Pig Barn Edition from ZippyPaws!

Burrowing behavior is common among dogs, and, if you see that your dog likes to bury their nose into blankets, couches, and other things, you can channel that energy into playtime with this Burrow + Bubble Babiez toy. If your dog shows signs of burrowing or digging behaviour, one of the reasons can be boredom and needing more activity, which this plush dog toy will help with!

The Pig Barn features two holes big enough for your dogs nose to dive into, satisfying their burrowing needs. This toy can transform into a challenging and fun puzzle for your pet when you place the three squeaky pigs inside and encourage your pooch to pull them out. Your furry friend can enjoy hours of entertainment with this versatile and playful toy!


  • Fun and challenging dog toy
  • Features a barn with multiple openings for burying nose
  • Includes 3 squeaky round pigs to entice pet to pull toys out of barn
  • Soft, plush toys for comfortable chewing and biting
  • Encourages your dog to stay active and play
  • Great for independent play and keeps your dog entertained
  • Ideal for small to medium dogs

Design: Pig Barn with 3 Pigs

Barn Dimensions: Approx. 17cmm x 12cm x 17cm

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